Kapwing - darmowy program do edycji wideo w przeglądarce

Kapwing - darmowy program do edycji wideo w przeglądarce

Kapwing - free movie editing program in your browser!

Finally, there is! Kapwing is the first video maker that lets you easily create animated videos for free. After selecting a template and a few clicks to add text, you're done! Your animation will be fully personalized and of professional quality - great for vloggers who want their personality to be visible in their videos but don't have the resources or skills of professionals.

Share ideas with a quick and easy way to create a video online. Kapwing makes creating your own videos easier than ever while saving you the usual frustration of editing work on your laptop or desktop.

Now you can create campaigns for any audience using our library of assets and images and add animations, music, and transitions as needed.

Whatever the situation, we have resources to get what you need in seconds, starting with beautifully editable templates to help you put your ideas together from start to finish without having to put all the hard work into it.

When content creation is easy, share your creativity everywhere: email guests about an upcoming event before travel runs out, or teach people new skills by showing "how-to" concepts.

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