Introduction to the colors of the logo

Choosing the right colors for your logo is not as easy as it may seem. It would help to consider what a given color would look like on different backgrounds and under different lighting conditions.

How to find the best colors for your logo? - Color theory

The colors you use in your logo are important as they set the tone for what you want to convey and affect how people will feel when they look at your design.

What are your audience's favorite colors?

How do you want them to feel when they see your logo?

What kind of branding elements does your company use?

Is there any particular color that represents what you do best or would like to be known for?

When you answer these questions, choosing the perfect color scheme becomes easier! - You can choose colors that are representative of your company slogan or what you do best.

Remember that just because people can't see color doesn't mean it isn't important to your design.

Similar colors

You want your company's brand to stand out from the crowd, so consider choosing two complementary shades of one color.

This way, You will use one color for a dark background and the other for a light one.

Contrasting colors

In the case of logos, the colors must be contrasting but not too overwhelming. For example, sky blue with white is a good choice as both are light, calm shades of their colors.

More colors

The number of colors used may also depend on the complexity of your logo design. If it has a lot of detail, more colors are needed to make everything visible and legible.

Too many colors

In the case of a logo, too many colors can be overwhelming and distracting to the recipient. Therefore, it is important to choose two or three contrasting shades of one color and make sure that they are not too similar in tone! - If you use many shades on top of each other, try to match them in saturation, hue, and lightness.

A tool that helps

Many tools on the market facilitate the process of matching and selecting colors. One of them is Adobe Cooler, which has a full-color theory in its scope. It has specific color wheels, in which you can quickly and easily choose the right colors.

Bearing in mind the color and the shapes, saturations, and overall impression of the logo, let's not forget that it is primarily a trademark, i.e., an image that visually represents the name of the company and should be easily recognizable at first glance. oka

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