Advanced Selection tool tutorial part 2 - Photoshop

Selection is one of the most important tools in your Photoshop toolbox. This advanced tutorial will show you how to use selection methods and tricks that can help you edit photos with more precision. We'll dive into a few basic techniques, as well as some lesser-known shortcuts that will make selecting easier and faster than ever before!

The selection of subject. This is a new function that you cannot be familiar it. You can select an object with three clicks.
  1. Select the layer
  2. Click the selection tab in the navbar
  3. Click subject and done.
This is a great way to separate objects from solid backgrounds.

If you’re looking to level up your Photoshop skills, and need a little extra help with selecting, this article is just for you. Selecting the right part of an image can be tricky at first but these advanced tips will make it easier than ever before! We hope you found something new here that helps take your photo editing game to the next level. Be sure to check out all our other tutorials on how to use selection tools in Adobe Photoshop CC so that you're always one step ahead of everyone else!

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